Toshiba Laptop water or liquid spill damage repairs Sydney

Breakdowns are expected every now and then, even with high-quality merchandise like a Toshiba laptop. Maybe the software’s corrupted and running slower than a desktop. Or perhaps it was human error i.e spilled your morning coffee , some wine or tea, or even a glass of whisky or beer all over the keyboard.




Whatever the problem is, there’s no need to ditch your pricey computer when you can repair it for just a fraction of the cost of a new one. Below are some of our most requested Toshiba laptop repair services in Sydney.

Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement

Tipped a cup full of liquid over your computer? Or maybe your keyboard is missing a few keys due to years of dutiful service. If you’re looking to get your keyboard repaired or completely replaced, we’ve got every single thing a Toshiba needs to get back up and running. A word of caution: if a few buttons start popping out, it’s only a matter of time until others follow suit. Toshiba laptop keyboard replacement not only restores lost keyboard function, but it also increases the usability and lifespan of your machine.

Overheating Toshiba Laptops

Does the fan on your Toshiba laptop work overtime and loudly? Or maybe your computer shuts off on its own after a period of use. If yes, then your laptop could be gradually overheating. The overheating starts out slow, but it could affect the performance and normal operation of your machine. We will check out the laptop’s cooling system and make any necessary repairs and replacements to get things running smoothly again.

Toshiba Motherboard Repair

Your laptop’s motherboard is the most important component in a computer. It is responsible for controlling most hardware such as power, video, audio, keyboard, Firewire, USB, touchpads, among others. If you’re having any issues with the keyboard as a result of power surges, liquid spills or falls, our Toshiba motherboard experts will repair the unit back to original working condition. Obviously, repairs save you a lot more money than having to buy a new motherboard.

Toshiba Laptop DC Jack Repair

Being the most overused feature in any laptop, the DC jack is prone to several problems. For one, most jacks do not have the necessary reinforcement hence they loosen normally under the daily wear and tear. A faulty DC port can cause charging problems as well as destroy your entire battery and power systems. Our technicians will repair and even replace the DC jack and port back to manufacturing standards.

Toshiba Laptop Mouse Repair and Touchpad Replacement

Does your mouse keep freezing up and not sensing at all? Or perhaps your keypad is showing some serious lag. No matter the problem, our Toshiba repair experts will ensure that your sensing technology is back to peak efficiency. We’ll have your cursor back to point and click in no time.

Toshiba Laptop Backlight and LCD Repair

Struggling to see anything from the other side of your dimmed laptop display? Or maybe you dropped your machine and cracked the screen proper. From flickering images all the way to black and blue screens of death, we have all the experience we need to deal with all sorts of Toshiba laptops. This includes Toshiba Satellite, Tecra, and Qosmio screen repairs.

Toshiba Laptop Inverter repairs

The inverter is another incredibly important component in your laptop computer. It is responsible for controlling the power going on to the backlight. The tell-tale sign of a busted inverter is dimmed, faint images along with a flickering display.

  • Our Toshiba Hardware Repairs and Replacements Include:
    -Toshiba laptop LCD dimmed or went black
    -Display clear and visible on external monitor or TV but not laptop
    -Laptop will not turn on or boot
    -Toshiba LCD screen is cracked
    -Toshiba laptop Graphics card issue
    -Laptop overheating and CPU repair issues
    -Toshiba laptop power supply and inverter repairs
    -Toshiba laptop motherboard malfunction
    -Loose or broken hinges on Toshiba laptop
    -Toshiba laptop CCFL and LED bulb replacement
    -Toshiba laptop AC/DC power jack and port repairs and replacement
    -Toshiba laptop memory upgrades and recovery
    -Laptop dust blowing and internal cleaning
    -Liquid spill repairs
    -Toshiba Satellite
    -Toshiba Tecra
    -Toshiba Qosmio

Toshiba Laptop Software Repairs Include:

  • -Removal and blocking of annoying popups and adverts
    -Toshiba laptop virus and malware removal
    -Toshiba laptop data storage and file backup services
    -Toshiba operating systems training and installation
    -Transfer of all data from Toshiba to new laptop
    -Software tune ups for faster processing
    -Toshiba laptop drivers installation

For these and more Toshiba laptop repairs Sydney, contact us today and set up a date or ask for an on-site visit from our mobile laptop repair experts.


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