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The fact that you made it to this site means we’re on the right track, right? As the leading computer and IT support experts in blacktown, we pride
ourselves in going the extra mile and ensuring total customer satisfaction. How to we achieve this? It’s all in the inclusive and comprehensive services
that we offer. We know that there’s no time to waste, so we’ll dive right into our most requested services in blacktown and surrounding suburbs.

Basic Computer Training

Hey, we’ll be the first to admit it; some of these new computers and devices are so advanced that even the manual needs instructions. The last thing you
want is to have a computer and not utilize tit to its full potential. Our computer technicians will gladly train you on everything you need to know about
the computer including booting, using the operating system, troubleshooting, and much more. Who says you need to attend weeks of class to understand your
new computer? Just call us today and we’ll have you speaking geek in no time.

Have these symptoms?

  • Computer Wont Start or turn on?
    The screen is blank?
    Software not working?
    Windows wont boot or start up?
    Hear strange noises coming from your computer of laptop?
    Is your internet slow or not working properly?
    Is your laptop, Desktop PC or Apple Imac or Macbooks feeling hot or overheating?
    Is your internet connection constantly dropping out?
    Do you get a Blue or Black Screen with messages on your screen?
    Getting a Page not found error?
    What about missing DLL error messages?
    Cant install applications?
    Your software is running slower than normally?
    Computer keeps restarting, or shuts down randomly?
    Downloading files takes ages?
    Cant login to windows
    Lost your files?
    Lost or forgot your password?
    Your computer wont recognise your usb stick or external drive
    Is your Apple MAcbook or Imac running slow and hot?
    Is your mac producing a white screen or coloured screen when it boots?
    Lost your macbook wifi?
    Bluetooth not working?
    Macbook not charging or no green light at charger?
    Mac is frozen?
    Beachball on macbook or imac nothing happens?
    Is your startup disk full?
    Safari, internet explorer, google chrome or mozilla firefox not working or starting properly?
    Kernel panic errors?
    cant eject a disk?
    getting security cerificate errors

If any of the above symptoms are being experienced, call us for more helpful information and solutions.

have your computer fixed today in blacktown

Computer Networking

Whether you’re at home or in your place of business, we provide comprehensive and customized networking services that will serve you needs perfectly. Bu
that’s not event the best part! What separates us from the competitors is that you don’t even need to have a single piece of equipment.

We provide everything including all the networking hardware and software, the computers themselves, installation services as well as training for all your
staff on the workings of home, personal and office networking systems. Similarly, we also set up the router in the most strategic location as well as modem
for wireless networking systems. We finish off all networking jobs with our renown security measures to ensure only authorized personnel get access to your

Hard Drive Data Recovery

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your PC or business servers; there are always important files and data that you don’t want to lose. Unfortunately, computers
tend to malfunction, break down or get damaged once in a while. If you’ve fallen victim to accidental data loss, then you’ve landed at the best possible
place you could be. Thanks to state of the art data recovery programs and one of the most comprehensive recovery services in Australia, we haven’t met a
hard drive or memory stick we can’t restore yet. Go ahead, try us today and watch in relief as we restore every bit of lost data and files from your
MacBook, laptop, desktop, hard drive, iMac and RAID systems.

apple macbooks repaired by computerrepairspro

Secure Data Destruction

As the leading data recovery experts in the Greater Western Sydney, we’ve seen just how easy it is for people to recover files that you thought you’d
deleted. With hackers and data racoons out there, simply deleting your unwanted files is not enough. Using our advanced data manipulation tools, we offer
one of the toughest data destruction service in Sydney. If you never want it recovered, then we’re definitely the guys you want to talk to.

Laptop Repairs

As technology gets more and more compact, almost everyone in blacktown has their own laptop. But as we all come to learn the hard way, with advancements
comes even more problems. From the charging systems all the way to the delicate screens and components, laptops are incredibly prone to damage. Not to
mention how their portable nature exposes them to a slew of hazards by physical damage. At computer technicians, we have an entire department of laptop
technicians fully dedicated to repairing, upgrading and customizing laptops in new and exciting ways. So whether you want to get your cracked screen
repaired or get help building a gaming laptop from scratch, we’d be glad to sort you right out. We serve all brands of laptops including Acer, Asus, Dell,
Toshiba, Hp, Lenovo, IBM, Compaq, among others.

On-Site Computer Repair and Support

When it comes to providing onsite services, we still remain hands down the best and most inclusive services in blacktown. We understand that taking your
computers all the way to our centre is loss of productivity on your part. That’s why we have invested heavily to create what can only be described as a
mobile computer emergency centre. We have one of the largest vans that comes fully equipped with all the hardware and parts that our team of technicians
will need out in the field. And aside from getting quick, convenient and efficient on-call services, we guarantee you zero call out fees – so you have no
excuse not to call our team of mobile geeks even when you’re super busy.

Other Services in blacktown

Apart from providing the good home owners and businesses in blacktown with all the services above, we also offer a plethora of computer repair and support
services. Our computer technicians offer multiple services such as one time call outs, remote system management, disaster recovery, antivirus installation,
OS upgrades, internet connectivity as well as other security measures. We also have our own special Admin software that allows you as the administrator to
monitor, manage, protect and oversee all the operations taking place. More of our services are listed below

  • -New desktop and laptop sales
    -Virus removal and antivirus installation
    -Modem, DSL and Cable installation and setup
    -surge protection
    -Managed I.T services
    -Cloud storage and backup options

If you’d like to take advantage of our expertise to install, repair, replace or upgrade your computer systems, give us a call today and let us take the
wheel. Try our no-nonsense, comprehensive approach to computer repairs and see why we’re the number one, go-to geeks in blacktown.


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