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For Expert Computers in Quakers Hill Area.

Quakers Hill is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is 40 kilometres (25 mi) west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Blacktown. Quakers Hill is part of the Greater Western Sydney region. Quakers Hill is colloquially known as ‘Quakers’.

Robert Jones … Barnier Drv. Quakers Hill

Repaired boot partition windows 8.1, removed malware infections and provided Robert with some backup software.

Shirley Metcalfe...Alex Ave. Quakers Hill

Supplied and Installed a new SSD drive. Reinstalled Windows 7 as Shirley did not want to have Windows 10 put back on her computer. Upgraded her ram to 8 Gigs. Migrated her files over to the new system build, happy as larry.

Elizabeth Sims…Barclay Street. Quakers Hill

Elizabeth was infected with the encrypt locker virus, unfortunately this varient was not easy to decrypt. She did not want to pay the ransom. I proposed a system rebuild which she accepted and her laptop was clean and usable again.

Joanne Brosovic…Blake Street Quakers Hill

Joanne wanted her Wifi signal thoughout her house strengthened so she could venture into her backyard without any dropouts. I suggested an industrial grade wifi setup which solved her issues and gave her freedom of movement around her house.

Tomas Bukan…Angelwing Street Quakers Hill

Tomas had a multitude of issues ranging from malware infections, a laptop which was not turning on and a network which was badly needing an upgrade. I repaired the laptop which needed a resistor, and an n channel mosfet replaced. I installed a new modem router an all in one solution, ridding him of clutter and cables everywhere. Tomas was happy with the result.