Mac Repair in Baulkham Hills

ComputerRepairsPro of Baulkham Hills, are the authority on Apple Macbooks, Imacs and Macbook Airs, when it comes to repairs, upgrades and water or liquid damage component level repair. We have vast experience in rectifying all Apple laptops and Power Macs. If you need expert pc and mac software support we can also assist you. We offer a convenient mobile onsite consultation for those within the greater Baulkham Hills region, where we can assist you directly assuring you of superior service and attention to detail.

Because we offer out of warranty support for Baulkham Hills residents and surrounding suburbs you will save big bucks, by having us fix your apple laptop, since Apple charges a premium for replacement boards and notebooks. Apple wants you to buy new not fix your old one.

For a great performance boost, why not have us install a new large capacity SSD, increase the laptops ram capacity, replace or cdrom or dvdrom drive, install an operating system reinstallation, networking and print sharing. If your Wifi is having connection problems, and our experience has shown that many households in the Baulkham Hills region have wifi problems so to adequately deal with these problems its best to arrange an onsite visit to determine the best way to improve your wireless signal coverage and combat dead wifi spots in your home.

If you want to convert from PC to Apple Mac we can make the transition smooth and with the least frustration as experts in the field of tuition covering Baulkham Hills, blacktown and the hills districts.

If you have unfortunately broken or cracked your apple macbook pro or macbook air screen or display, we can provide you with a range of options which will be affordable and suit whatever budget you have.

Have a clicking apple macbook hardrive ? not to worry as we can provide advanced data recovery on all internal and external hardrives, including usb flash or thumb drives, and all photo sd cards.

Some common problems macbook users face not only those who live in Baulkham Hills but sydney wide are

  • Macbook not charging
  • Charger light not turning green
  • mouse pad bulging
  • mouse not working correctly
  • white or grey screen booting up
  • blue background on boot up
  • screen issues
  • slow systems including those infected with malware…yes macs do get infected
  • despite what others may say!

As the premier solutions provider in Baulkham Hills, we cater to residential and businesses for a complete range of IT issues ranging from simple hardware fixes to major system rebuids.
We do it all, so rest assured you are in great hands with 25 years of experience under our belt there is very little we dont know about all things macs and computers in general. Why not try our service today!


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