Laptop Repair Sydney Western Suburbs

We understand just how stressful it can be when your computer stops working, or just isn’t behaving. We have a wide range of different PC repair services which can help to get your laptop, desktop or mac-book computer back up and running in no time at all. It’s always helpful to deal with a local PC repair company, which is why our Computer Repairs and Services in Sydneys Western Suburbs are aimed mainly at local people and businesses.

Blacktown, NSW  
Kings Park, NSW 
Prospect, NSW 
Arndell Park, NSW 
Kings Langley, NSW 
Seven Hills, NSW 

Virus Removal

Viruses can spread very quickly thanks to the internet. If your PC becomes infected by a virus then this can slow it down and potentially compromise your personal information. We offer professional virus removal services so that your computer will be fast again and your personal data will be protected.

Network Problems

Network faults or issues can hit your business hard and make communication difficult. We can visit on site to sort out your network and make sure that it’s as reliable as possible.

PC Tuneup

Over time computers tend to slow down. This is because they get cluttered up with all sorts of files, some of which may become corrupted. If your computer is slower than it used to be then our PC tuneup service is ideal. We will diagnose the cause of the slowdown and fix it. Whether your computer needs to be formatted and have windows reinstalled, or whether it needs more RAM we are able to fix it for you.


We stock a wide range of different components to upgrade computers. We are able to quickly and easily upgrade CPU’s, hard drives and memory. Failed components can also be replaced and swapped out. As we carry stock we can offer same day repair services to many customers.

PC Repairs

It can be very frustrating if you can’t even turn your computer on as there is no clear error message. We are experienced enough to quickly diagnose the cause of any computer problem and suggest the most cost effective solution. We can repair any computer regardless of the fault or symptom. Whether the hard drive has failed, or the motherboard needs to be replaced we can be of assistance.

Laptop Repairs

Laptops often get damaged more often than laptops because they are portable. Their small size can also cause problems for overheating. We can help fix any laptop fault, including:
– Hardware faults
– Broken Screens
– Not charging

We are also experienced with macbook repairs. We can diagnose and fix any macbook fault with ease. We also stock macbook components including power adapters and screens.

iPad and Tablet Repairs

As well as conventional computers we also offer a tablet repair service. We can replace screens, speakers and other internal components which may have failed.


By choosing our Computer Repairs and Services in the West  you can deal with a local company. This means that we can visit you on site if needed to fix network issues or hardware faults. We stock lots of components which allows us to fix most faults the same day with minimal downtime.


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