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As Sydneys premier Computer Laptop Repair service we fix all PC Desktops, Liquid Damaged Spills on Laptops like Apple Mac but not limited to Toshiba, Dell , HP, Acer, Lenovo, IBM, Compaq Samsung, Fujitsu, MSI, Asus , Sony and all other branded Intel and Amd based Laptops. We upgrade all apple IMAC’s Apple MACBOOK PROs, at component level, we are specialists in Water, Coffee, Wine, Liquid Damage , Laptop Cracked Screen Replacements, Cheap and Affordable , We fix all PC and Mac based laptop software and hardware problems! All Sydney Suburbs eg Blacktown, Castle Hill, Quakers Hill, Glenwood, Ryde, Pennant Hills, Drummoyne, Chatswood, North Sydney, Lane Cove, Epping, Five Dock, Inner West Sydney, Marrickville, Parramatta, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney Hills District , to name but a few. Wireless Internet Problems ! All networking issues plus internet and software ( Microsoft and Apple ) email problems. Expert Data Recovery Services in Sydney,Alexandria, Blacktown,Crows Nest, Hills District , Ryde, Parramatta, is carried out on all Hard Drive brands, USB sticks, USB FLASH DRIVES, Camera / Mobile Phone Memory Stick or Cards. Servicing all major brands. We do dc jack laptop and macbook pro repairs, replace all cracked LED/LCD screen and can supply parts for all brands.

Expert Laptop Repairs

We do major laptop and PC Desktop logic board replacements giving life back to a broken laptop or computer desktop tower.

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All Problems, from simple ram upgrades to major logic board replacements.

These days  do not have to buy a new macbook when you can have your current one fixed at a reasonable price. We know how important your Mac is and we treat it as our own. 

Excellent repair services

We are proud of our services as they have made us a leading service Sydney. Our repair services are backed by guarantees because we have confidence in our ability to fix virtually all Macbook problems. We have fully-optimized systems that we use in analyzing and fixing computer problems. With our service, you are guaranteed to save money and time. We know that most repairs are urgent and therefore we employ our excellent diagnostics systems and skills. 


Computer Laptop Motherboard Component repair 

Most hardware including video, audio, power, fire-wire, touchpad and USB are controlled by the motherboard. However, the motherboard of your Macbook can be damaged by liquid spill, lightening strike or power surge.

LCD replacement 

If your Laptop has a cracked screen, or if its images are always flickering, come to us for assistance. We guarantee that we will replace the damaged screen or fix the problem at hand and restore it to as new again.

Touchpad replacement

Maybe the touchpad of your laptop keeps skipping or freezing. Even if the touchpad is not working at all or controlling the cursor has become too hard, bring your device to us for repair. 

Overheating problems

Perhaps, your laptop overheats before shutting itself down. This could be a problem of the cooling system. We can solve it for you and save you the unnecessary cost of replacing the motherboard if you let the problem escalate. 

Other laptop and computer related services we offer in Sydney include:


  • GPU repairs and Backlight Issues
  • Dc Power In Boards
  • Broken or loose hinge replacement
  • Power-supply issues
  • Inverter or backlight problem repair
  • Component-level Diagnostics
  • Internal cleaning
  • Memory upgrades
  • Spyware and virus removal






 We love making laptops, macs and pcs FASTER!! If that means removing viruses, spyware, malware or by increasing ram and maybe if your budget permits installing a superfast SSD drive into your laptop, mac or PC . The joy of a quicker, more efficient computer is always what customers want! We can do that for you.

Data loss is another area where we excel in. So many of us simply dont backup our data. We put too much trust into our computers, laptops, macs, tablets, memory cards, without realising that they will fail, and fail they do, when you least want them to.


Laptop LCD or LED Repairs or Screen Replacements


You have come to the right place. We also replace the Glass Cover
of all Apple Macbooks and Imacs. Just call us so we can organise a pickup and delivery once repaired. If your Laptop has a blank
screen, black screen, white screen, vertical lines, red or blue lines horizontal lines these are all signs of possible video circuit
issues involving the motherboard, video cable and inverter including the screen itself. One other common problem is overheating.The
GPU can suffer from a solder degradation requiring a reball. This is normally as expensive as replacing the logic board so i prefer to
replace it rather than doing a video chip reball.

liquid damage on macbook pro repaired

Liquid Spills|Water Damage


Can be repaired efficiently and as cheaply as possible. Sometimes a chemical clean can restore the logic board to
functionality again. There are those occasions where a motherboard repair or replacement may be required. The most important action
one can take when a Liquid spill or water damaged laptop has occurred is to TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY ! and remove the battery and
disconnect it from any power source. WATER and ELECTRICITY do not mix! If you are not able to remove the battery call us or any other
specialist technician or service to get them to disconnect the battery. This will limit the damage and also one should use
gravity to help by turning the laptop upside down to try and keep as little liquid on the logic board components as possible. Once
oxidation sets in it becomes harder and most costly to repair.

Hard disk or hard drives as found in all modern PCs, laptops and macs fail
from time to time. This can happen if the laptop or macbook is suddenly
dropped, or moved too quickly. Other reasons include; power surges, liquid
damage, heavy objects placed on top of the laptop, wear and tear etc. We
offer Data Recovery or hard drive repair. We are very good at retrieving
or recovering your precious data from devices like USB stick flash
drives, nano drives, All the different types of branded Memory Cards
including but not limited to Nokia phones, Samsung tablets and the common
Iphone and related iPad.

Data Recovery


or retrieval is normally classified as being software or

logical based, and mechanical or electrically (PCB failures etc) based.

Costs vary but most if not all data recovery jobs that involve mechanical/electrical issues are very expensive. I would strongly advise that you try every other possible way to either recreate the lost or missing data first as it will save you a lot of money. We are one of the few data recovery services in Sydney and offer low-cost affordable rates. There is data recovery software available online but if you are not familiar with such programs it may be wise to consult an expert first, even if you just want free advice.
Internet dropouts and sudden disconnections are very frustrating and extremely inconvenient.We often find ourselves asking Why is my internet
not working, My Wireless signal or  Wifi not reaching far
enough. We deal with these and other complicated issues on a daily basis.

data recovery


usb data recovery


If you are going to need data recovery pray that its logical or software based…its cheaper and quicker to recover!

Advice is Free ! Call Us!



Choosing the right computer repairs, laptop repairs or mac repairs company is an important decision to make. 

Servicing All Suburbs Of Sydney



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