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We are MacBook repair Sydney specialists. We perform all Apple repairs in Sydney to the best of our ability. We do iMac repairs as well as Macbook Air plus pc repairs.

We understand that when a Macbook needs to be fixed, it can be stressful. You will probably worry about losing your personal files and information, and about the cost! But don’t worry, we are here to help. Our technicians have industry experience and will fix your Mac in no time.

Macbook Repair Sydney

Do you need your Macbook fixed? We are the experts for repairing MacBooks. We can fix any problem with your Mac. You should call us if you have a problem with your Mac so that it will be fixed!

Our company fixes your computers. We fix MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac. Sometimes screens break or there is water damage in the computer. It is expensive to fix a computer. But we can fix it for you!

We repair Macs

We fix screens and more complicated problems like data recovery, diagnostics, keyboard replacement, battery replacement. We do these repairs at a good price.

We will keep all of your data and files safe. You do not need to worry about losing them. We try to fix whatever is wrong with your computer quickly, so you can have it back as soon as possible.

Macbook Pro, iMac, or MacBook Air

We repair physical damage so call us for a quote. We will provide a competitive price and repairs will be done quickly.

We have been providing Apple computer repair services for a number of years now and we are happy to announce that our new location in your area is up-and-running, ready to serve you! If you need any type of help with restoring the functionality on your MacBook or iMac screen – from basic repairs such as replacing the LCD display panel down to solving complex issues like water damage restoration – just let us know. We also do upgrades: hard drive replacement, upgrading older drives into SSDs (Solid State Drives), data recovery and battery replacements. There’s no better place than ComputerRepairsPro when it comes to repairing all things Mac related because not only do we have certified technicians who can fix any problem quickly but also most parts

We are the go-to experts for all your Mac repairs. We can handle MacBook logic board fixes, trackpad and keyboard replacements, battery replacement or any other issue you might have with a broken device.



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